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Boost your Call Center Performance


Our automated Microsoft Teams Dashboard showcases all type of information related to incoming, outgoing and transferred Calls allowing you to perfectly monitor your Call Center Activities at any time.


Critical aspects

The official MS Teams Database does not provide historical information of your calls and only shows the records of the last 28 days. Moreover, the data provided is very succinct with only general information regarding your internal and external calls such as date, start time, end time and phone number.


Our Solution & Added Values

With Power Analytics MS Teams Dashboard we are able to overcome these critical aspects and provide you with all the information you need:


  • A modern and fully personalized Dashboard based on your specific needs

  • All historical data available

  • Call Flow Breakdown from the Incoming Call to all Call Queues Details  

  • Trunk Phone Lines occupancies

  • Missed Calls and Users’ Performance specific Reports


With our solution you will be able to make informed decisions based on real time and historical metrics and have the full visibility of performance trends leading your to higher levels of service delivery.

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