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Our Vision

Turn data into a competitive advantage

Our Story

Power Analytics was born from a synergy between two friends, a market-leading software engineer and an experienced data analyst who identified a growing market need for this type of data-driven platform.
In today's corporate society, where data is quickly becoming one of the most valuable resources, Power Analytics was able to perfectly integrate itself as a modern solution for companies willing to increase their competitive advantage as well as optimizing their decision-making processes.

By combining high-performance synchronization and modern graphic data analysis, Power Analytics will turn your business estimations into reliable forecasts.


We are always willing to push each other for the boldest solution


No matter the challenge, our priority is to find the best fit for our client


We are committed to bringing society toward a modern data-driven culture


We always strive to bring our best performance no matter the circumstances


Relying on each other has been the key to our success as a team

Core Values

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